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Student Supply Kits

Convenient • Customizable • Cost Effective

Our Student Supply Kits include all the items your students will use in their training lab, pre-assembled, customized to your curriculum,
ready for distribution. No more wasted time passing out material, and no more expensive inventory for student lab supplies!

Custom or Standard Kit

Several standard Student Supply Kits as shown Here.

Let us give you an itemized quote on a kit you designed specifically to your curriculum or program.
As your program changes, we'll simply and quickly alter your kit.

Financial Assistance

As budget constraints continue, schools are requiring students to pay for lab materials.
Our Student Supply Kits are usually considered a required course item (like a text book or uniform)
so therefore eligible for financial assistance.

Payment Options

Purchase kits directly or through your bookstore using a Purchase Order or any major credit card.

Direct Sale to Students: Students can buy directly from MEA by visiting our website at www.meaok.com
Students charge their kit to any major creadit card, and the kits are shipped to the instructor for distribution.

Place Your Kit Orders Early!

Due to the large number of shipments being made in August and September, we ask that you make your request
for the fall semester as early in the summer as possible. Please let our customer service representative know
if you are in a hurry. We will make every effort to accommodate you schedule.